The Need for Effective Counter Terrorism Measures in the UK

In today’s era, counter terrorism in the UK is implicit to be a repulsive advancement that has swallowed up the attention of each and every person. It is not at all surprising if millions of dollars are used up on counter terrorism measures in the UK along with law enforcement defence solutions. The majority of the world-famous leaders together with public figures are progressively looking out for solutions concerning this emerging threat. Astonishing part is that nothing appears to deter by these terrorists for wiping out limitless innocent souls.


We can appropriately phrase terrorism as the most horrible and violent rivals of humanity in present time, especially in the UK. Now, we all ought to have an adamant stand on this problem and try to find the most suitable solution. If proper survey and research is done regarding the number of people who lost their lives and the wealth that has been destroyed by these acts of terrorism, then the absolute number will truly keep us dumbfounded, and in our opinion it is practically infeasible to carry out such kind of survey.


Some of the most effectual counter terrorism actions that are being carried out in the UK are as follows:


  • Increase in security that is visible in nature with the help of security guards presence where it is possible.
  • Rearrangement of external vehicle obstacles to modify traffic patterns in the vicinity of facilities.
  • Executing accidental security lookout shift changes.
  • Arrangement of law enforcement personnel and vehicles that should be parked arbitrarily next to entrances, as well as exits.
  • Limiting the amount of points of access along with strictly enforcement access control processes.
  • Changing prime entrances as well exit points wherever feasible.


In such an environment, worldwide counter terrorism along with law enforcement defence solutions is considered to be the most appropriate path to explore which will definitely help us in putting a stop to these kinds of dreadful acts. You should not be surprised when worldwide summits, counter terrorism meeting, conventions and seminars are being held all over the world, to discover worldwide security solutions regarding this precise revolution. It is correctly understood that fortune is not the matter of opportunity, but it is the matter of choice. In this day and age, human values must be respected and appreciated. It’s time for us to endorse harmony, unanimity, conflict resolutions, honesty, prosperity, integrity, equality and defence on a worldwide level.

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How Incident Reports Can Play a Big Role in Your Counter Terrorism Strategy

One of the most important aspects of an effective counter terrorism strategy is to have the ability to create informational incident reports. The appointed security guards should be proficient in writing reports so that the exact extent of terrorist events can be pictured by merely reading the report. This just means that you should use proper language with correct grammar and spellings to mention all the details of an incident, and you should never use acronyms in these reports. You always should remember that these incident reports are not only read by your boss, but also in case of some unfortunate incident, such as a terrorist activity, these reports can make or break any legal case.


If you have taken a security guard job or if you are undergoing counter terrorism training in the UK, chances are that your employer will provide you preformatted blank reports so that you will find no difficulty to document any type of terrorist event. This makes the job of a security guard much easier and more efficient at preparing incident reports. Many common computer programs, such as word, can also help you rectify these reports before making final version. However, if you have to prepare reports manually, make sure that you are well versed with all the techniques that go in making terrific incident reports. Some of these effective techniques are given below.


Mention only the facts: One thing you always should remember is that never provide your opinion on things. You should make them as factual as possible. You cannot even say a thing like someone was drunk, but you can mention these with the help of some facts like the smell of alcohol was coming from his clothes.


Simple and Clear language: It doesn’t matter what’s the position of person who is reading your incident report, he may be your boss or any of your fried, but he should be able to understand it in the first attempt itself. Remember that you are not writing this report to impress someone with your vocabulary. Therefore use easy and simple to understand language wherever possible.


Formatting – Make sure that the incident reports are properly formatted before finalising them. Never write everything in one long paragraph. You first should divide the incident into different parts, and then assign different paragraphs to each and every part. You can also use bullet points wherever possible. These strategies make incident reports extremely easier to read, and they can effectively draw the reader’s attention to the important points.  In conclusion, easy to understand and informative incident reports can prove to be a very big step in any counter terrorism strategy.

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Effective Counter Terrorism Self Defence Techniques

It doesn’t matter whether you are undergoing counter terrorism training or you may be a regular person who is content with his white collar job, but it’s crucial that you always should keep yourself prepared to deal with any unfortunate incident, especially in UK these days. Unfortunately, the truth is nobody thinks that any untoward incident can happen to them though the newspapers are full of robbery and terrorism news. If you want to enter into counter terrorism industry or you want to fight terrorists in the most effective way, it makes sense to keep yourself prepared with following self defence techniques.


Train Early: You should start your training even before you enter into the field of counter terrorism. Think about all the scenarios anyone can get into in case of a terrorist attack, and devise effective ways to deal with the situation in hand. Of course, counter terrorism courses will teach you everything you need to know about reacting in the most effective manner in these situations, but early training on your part will help you to align your mentality towards acting like a security guard even before your actual training starts.


Learn various types of martial arts: Martial arts are an all-in-one weapon for anyone to fight terrorists in the best possible way. If you aspire to become a security guard or you want to join counter terrorism training, it’s even more important for you to learn this art and become proficient in it as fast as possible. In counter terrorism training, you will be taught martial arts skills that not help you to catch terrorists but also help you to keep others safe from their attacks.


Requirements for counter terrorism training: Well, the good news is that most of the training courses don’t expect their candidate to be well versed with all the self defence techniques because they will teach you everything from scratch. All you need to be is physically fit enough to go through their rigorous training routines with aplomb. However, it always helps if you are somewhat familiar with basic martial arts techniques before taking up any counter terrorism training course.


Research: Apart from martial arts techniques, there are a number of self defence tactics you can learn to effectively counter terrorism. Tactics that you will learn at counter terrorism training will teach you the most effective ways to fight with someone who possesses a gun or a knife. This training provides you adequate strength and skill to effectively fight with someone who is even much larger in size than you. It’s a fact that almost all terrorists do not want to get arrested, and that’s why they always fight back to survive. The most important question is; are you adequately prepared to deal with this type of situation?

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What Will You Get To Learn In Counter Terrorism Training In The UK?

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways to counter terrorism in the UK is to employ highly skilled and experienced security guards. People these days are more dependent on security guard agencies than ever before, and precisely that’s the reason behind the ever increasing demands for security guards in all over the UK. Individuals who want to be a part of this thriving industry and fight terrorism in the most effective way should know that, for armed protection, they need proper licenses to use arms and weapons, and they are also required to complete proper training before landing up a good security job in this industry.


Candidates, who want to make a name for themselves in the security industry, and want to get promoted as fast as possible should be physically fit enough to undertake this job and fight terrorists. Therefore, all the candidates are properly tested for drugs and criminal background before employment and licensing. Let’s have a look at the various aspects of security that are covered under counter terrorism training.


The power to arrest: This aspect of training course teaches students how to handle arrest scene effectively, and it also covers issues such as de-escalation and escalation of force, implications in trespassing and powerful restraint techniques.


Handling weapons of mass destruction: This part of counter terrorism training educates pupils about the best ways to look for and report terrorist activities. Here, the candidates are properly taught about the various activities that terrorist can take part in, and about the best ways and best weapons that security guards should equip themselves with. This in-depth knowledge and training can prevent potential mishaps.


Observing and documenting: Individuals in counter terrorism course are taught to discover effective methods of patrolling and observing suspicious activities and how to make reports documenting these activities. Training also provides them the skills to ask most appropriate and effective questions to distinguish any indication of doubtful activity.


Maintaining good public relations: Candidates are properly trained to maintain high quality public relations with everyone without any discrimination.  They are also taught how to catch warning signs related to drug abuse, psychological illness and aggression, among others.


Legal aspects and Liability:  Candidates will be taught each and every aspect of legal implications that they have to deal with in counter terrorism training. All areas including employer and personal liabilities are properly covered in this training. Applicants get to study various civil, criminal and administrative legalities that pertain to their jobs.

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How to Determine If You Are Suitable For Counter Terrorism Training in UK

It’s true that not everyone is suitable for counter terrorism training. For instance, if you are never serious about your job, you can never succeed as a security guard, to counter terrorism. This is an area where even the slightest bit of carelessness on your part can cost hundreds of lives and thousands of dollars within no time. It goes without saying that counter terrorism training is a serious activity that demands your utmost attention at all times. You should remember that it can also get extremely dangerous at times for your own life too. Therefore before making the decision to opt for counter terrorism training in the UK, make sure that you are actually capable of undergoing this type of training.


Make sure that you possess the following traits to become an efficient security guard. At the same time, if you really want to become good at devising and implementing counter terrorism strategies, but you are not sure whether you possess the required skills, you can always inculcate these habits by sheer determination or by joining a well-known counter terrorism training course.


You must be focused and attentive at all times:

If you cannot focus on what you are doing, then taking the counter terrorism course successfully is simple out of question for you. This type of training requires someone who is attentive, smart and most importantly, he should have the required common sense to react instinctively whenever required. If you don’t have the power to make decisions at lightning fast speed, chances are that you won’t even know how to react in case of any terrorist activity.


You must be Physically Fit – Physical fitness is something that is essentially an unspoken rule when it comes to counter terrorism training. You need to be at your best fitness levels at all times because this is a job that requires a lot of running or chasing someone. Therefore, it’s crucial that you should be fit enough to accomplish such things with aplomb. You should aim for an athletic physique rather than a bulky muscular one. Instead of muscles, work on increasing your stamina with a lot of cardiovascular exercises.


You must take your training and job seriously – Counter terrorism trainings and subsequent jobs are a huge responsibility regardless of the nature of the area that security guards protect. They are responsible not only for their own lives, but the lives of hundreds of innocent individuals. Therefore, if they are not taking their job seriously, they have no right of putting the lives of so many people at grave risk. It’s extremely crucial that security guards and Counter terrorism trainees do their jobs with the utmost professionalism.

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